Half Magic (Tales of Magic, #1)Half Magic by Edward Eager
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Four children―Jane, Katherine, Mark, and Martha―come upon a magic charm. Only it makes just half of what you wish true. The children realise this soon enough and word their wishes so that they can get all of what they want, and start off on a set of exciting adventures which take them to different places and times. But while their wishes do come true, they find that the outcome may not be quite what they were looking for, and they are not always in the right frame of mind to make a carefully worded wish each time. Needless to say, they have a fair share of scrapes and realise they must be careful what they wish for. On the other hand, the charm itself turns out to be more magical than they realise working for them certain magic they hadn’t wished for (or even thought of) which bring them much happiness in the long run. This was not a book or series I’d read as a child and if I’d read it then, I think I would have had much more fun with the adventure elements, though the later parts of the story I think I appreciated better as an adult. The children themselves were real, and rather nice without at the same time being too storybook “good”. I enjoyed the book quite a lot overall, especially the literary references which it was full of including to Nesbit (who’s Psammead books were quite clearly an inspiration(as a GR friend also pointed out)), and the Ingoldsby Legends. Fun read.

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3 thoughts on “Another goodreads review

  1. Magic seems to be in the air -half or full! What with Harry Potter, The Night Circus, Matilda,etc. etc. But what a great idea. Only half your wish comes true, so you can always double your demands or can you?? I’ll definitely read this next. Thanks for the review.

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