I first noticed these books almost 10 years ago when I visited somebody and noticed them on their children’s bookshelves. Though I wanted to, I never really got down to reading one but when I saw this one offered through NetGalley, I simply couldn’t resist. In fact, I’ve even gone and read this out of turn (Melissa Albert’s The Hazel Wood was the NetGalley book I should have technically been reading since I am trying to read them in the order I get them). So while I’ve already read and reviewed a children’s book this month, I decided to go ahead and do another.

So for the book now. Geronimo Stilton is an Italian book series featuring the eponymous hero who is the publisher of the Rodent’s Gazette. In this one (alternatively titled All Because of a Cup of Coffee) in a diner, a gorgeous mouse spills coffee on Geronimo and he is instantly in love (despite having a series of accidents just after). So much so, that he ignores his staff not working, forgets some of their names even, only dreaming of his love, and doodling hearts. He buys flowers, cheese-flavoured chocolates, but Stephanie von Sugarfur is simply not interested. In fact, she already has an admirer. To win her over, Thea, Geronimo’s sister convinces him that he has to be ‘famouse’ so they, with their cousin Trap, and little nephew Benjamin set off on an adventure to find the world’s eighth wonder―the Valley of the Cheesettes on Butterfly Island.

This was a really fun read. One could almost describe this as a picture book, with illustrations aplenty. The characters are cute and fun as well. Geronimo might well be a journalist/newspaper publisher but he isn’t all that keen on adventure (he scared of pretty much everything)―circumstances and his friends drag him into it. Thea (who I thought great fun) is his opposite―adventurous, a biker, and even flies her own plane. The story was pretty enjoyable, including the end. Besides the story itself I loved the little touches like the names of the characters and cheese references, besides also the maps and things. Since the ‘author’ of these adventures is supposed to be Geronimo himself, there is a nice little bio of him at the end describing him as a Rattus Emeritus of Mousomorphic Literature and Neo-Ratonic Comparative Philosophy and winner of the Ratlizer Prize, among other things. There are also maps of the New Mouse City, Mouse Island, and the offices of the Rodent’s Gazette, where the adventures are set. (In the e-version I got though, these were a little blurry, especially Mouse Island, and the newspaper offices). Still I enjoyed the illustrations (these were B&W―I think the ones in the books are coloured), characters, concept, and story. A quick and entertaining read.
This review also appears on goodreads at: https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/2308806776?book_show_action=false&from_review_page=1


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