This was the post I had planned to do on Wednesday when I came across the meme #My Blog’s Name in Books and ended up posting that instead. The meme is turning out to be fun in more ways than one–not only did I have fun putting together my own ‘name’, I’ve also been enjoying following others’ posts and lists and have ended up making a ‘blog’ friend or two in the process 🙂 So thanks Fictionophile for coming up with this 🙂

So What’s new on my bookshelves– This is a kind of post I hope I wont be doing too often at least this year (fingers crossed) and may be the next since I have a TBR ready to literally topple over. In April added 13 books to my shelves (real and ‘e’) and luckily a couple don’t technically get added to my TBR since I’ve actually read these but didn’t have copies.

Early in the month I found a few books that I’d been wanting to read on discount, so of course I ordered these. Among this ‘set’ was The Book of Indian Dogs by Theodore Baskaran, which, though a short volume, is not only an encyclopedia of sorts on Indian dog breeds, but also goes into the history of dogs in the country, from the days of Mohenjodaro to more contemporary issues like neglect of indigenous breeds. I’ve had my eye on this one more or less since it came out last year and am glad I got it now.

Indian Dogs.jpg

Also among this set was Ruler of the World by Alex Rutherford, the third in the Empire of Moghuls series by this husband and wife team (who write as Alex Rutherford). This one focuses on the reign of probably the most famous of the mughals, Akbar. I’ve read two others in the series earlier on Babar (the founder of the empire) and Jahangir (Akbar’s son)– not in order since I wanted to read the Jahangir book because I was reading another which focused on him.

Rule of teh world

Then I also got Band of Soldiers by Sardindu Bandhyopadhyaya (trans. Sreejata Guha) which are a collection of short stories of the adventures of a sixteen-year-old Sadashiv who joins the great Maratha ruler Shivaji’s band.This one is also my Children’s book of the Month, this month!

Band of Soldiers.jpg

Next I picked up six books from a second-hand/used books store online (because, of course they were on discount). Among these are Dissolution and Sovereign, both by C.J. Sansom, the first and third books in his Matthew Shardlake series and the two titles I didn’t have. I only started this series last month (with book 2, Dark Fire review here) but really enjoyed it and decided I may as well read in order.

Then were two books I’ve read and enjoyed but didn’t have and wanted. My Family and Other Animals by Gerald Durrell and Less Than Angels by Barbara Pym. Pym is an author I ‘discovered’ thanks to Shelfari and the friends I made there, and one whose books I really enjoy. Less Than Angels once again takes us into the world (and lives and loves) of anthropologists and researchers (and I’m sure a proofreader or two, though I don’t remember it clearly). As the blurb on the back of this edition says (among other things): ‘The course of true love or academia never did run smooth’.

The last two of this second set are two mysteries, the Pilgrim of Hate by Ellis Peters from one of my favourites, the Brother Cadfael series of books, where Brother Cadfael must solve the murder of a knight, a supporter of Empress Maud. The other is The Tiger in the Well, the third in Philip Pullman’s Sally Lockhart series.

And then came some e-books. On sale on kindle I picked up Walking with Nanak, non-fiction by Haroon Khalid where the author follows the footsteps of Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism and through his journey also traces Guru Nanak’s story. This one again was something I’d been wanting to pick up and am very much looking forward to reading.

Walking with Nanak.jpg

Also on Kindle I picked up The Zoya Factor by Anuja Chauhan, a ‘chick lit’ book that a friend of mine always raves about. This turned out to be a fun and refreshing read. I finished it a couple of days ago and my review is here.

Zoya Factor.jpg

Finally, on NetGalley, I got two titles, one that I am currently in the middle of–Letter for the King by Tonke Dragt which is the story of a young boy Tiuri, about to be knighted by the King, but who finds himself undertaking a dangerous mission just the night before, to deliver a letter to a knight. But the knight unfortunately is murdered and it falls to Tiuri to take on his mission.

letter for the king cover

Lastly from NetGalley I also got Hidden Variables by Caitlyn Lynagh mostly because of the description. Sophia, a member of the Leto family, who have the gift of experiencing a higher level of consciousness, witnesses a murder in a vision of the past, and must solve the mystery, which gets more and more tangled the closer she looks.

Hidden Variables.jpg

So next week, on this blog, I should be able to post my reviews of Letter to the King and Band of Soldiers, perhaps also Hidden Variables, since I should have some time off in the latter part of the week. Meanwhile on Monday, the bookquote will appear as usual 🙂

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