Shelf Control

Shelf  Control is a feature that I borrowed from Lisa at Bookshelf Fantasies. This one is all about celebrating the books already on your TBR waiting to be picked up. All you need to do to participate is to pick one of the books on your TBR each Wednesday and write a post about it (what it’s all about, what makes you want to read it, where you got it, etc.).

This week’s pick from my TBR pile is the Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope.

eustace diamonds.jpg

A little about the author: Anthony Trollope, Victorian novelist, and author of forty-seven novels, most if not all, doorstoppers, and several short stories, also worked in the British Postal department, where he rose to a fairly high post, and is also credited with having introduced the mail-box or pillar box.

A little about the book: The Eustace Diamonds is the third of Trollope’s Palliser series of novels. The Palliser books are political novels centered around the politician Plantagenet Palliser  and his wife Lady Glencora and around issues of politics in Britain and Ireland. In this one, Lizzie Greystock, who takes an almost pathological delight in lying marries Sir Florian Eustace. After his death, disputes arise as to the possession of a family heirloom, a diamond necklace, which Lizzie claims for herself. When she becomes engaged to a new suitor, Lord Fawn, the Eustace family lawyers insist she return the diamonds. Matters get complicated when a strong-box containing the jewellery is stolen. Where the diamonds have gone, and who was responsible for the theft makes up the rest of this story with other parallel storylines, I’m sure because there always are in these tomes.

When and Where I got it: This is another that I haven’t actually bought but being a public domain book, simply downloaded through Project Gutenberg. (Trollope’s works are available here). And I did this probably sometime in 2016 after I finished the Phineas Finn, the second of the Palliser books. I did read Trollope last year, but that was a stand-alone, Castle Richmond, as a ‘buddy read’ with the Victorians group on goodreads (my review is here).

Why I want to read it: Well, for one because its a next in series, I’ve read the first two of this one and want to see what happens in the next one, though the Pallisers don’t have as much of a role (or at least not a central role) in this installment. But more than that, because I find I really enjoy Trollope’s books. I’ve read may about 11 of his books so far now and have enjoyed them all (some far more than others, of course)–they throw up issues one can relate to even today, and his endings which I have commented on in one of my reviews as well aren’t always conventional or ‘storybook’. So, definitely looking forward to this one.


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