Shelf Control

Shelf  Control is a feature that I borrowed from Lisa at Bookshelf Fantasies. This feature is all about celebrating the books already on your TBR. To participate, you pick one of the books on your TBR each Wednesday and write a post about it (what it’s all about, what makes you want to read it, where you got it, etc.).

This week I picked a more recent acquisition, The Mystery on Cobbett’s Island by Katherine Kenny.


I ended up picking this one to feature this week, since Trixie Belden came up in a discussion on the Blog Books and Opinions ten days or so ago, in a post on Old School Book Favourites.

What’s it’s about: This is number 13 in the Trixie Belden series, and in this one the Bob-Whites, the club Trixie and her friends formed early in the series, set off to Cobbett’s Island for a vacation. Here Trixie finds an old letter tucked away in a book with clues to the location of a thousand dollars, hidden years ago, and lost since. But the clues are not too easy to decipher. Where does their treasure hunt take them? Do they actually find it? Well, I’ll have to read to find out.

My edition: First Random House Edition, 2005 (?). I was worried this might have been updated (because I didn’t check to see when I bought it) but was really happy to see it hasn’t been ‘updated to reflect current attitudes and beliefs’. (I seriously cannot understand why this is done–why are children considered incapable of understanding that things could be different in the past–or in any other place for that matter.)

When and Where I got it: At my neighbourhood bookshop–this one was on the shop-soiled table so I got it (hardback) at a fairly good discount. I only added this to my TBR a couple of weeks ago.

Why I want to read this: While I wouldn’t call this my absolute favourite series, the Trixie Belden books are ones I’ve read and enjoyed very much as a child and as an adult, though I haven’t read the whole series. This title was one of those I haven’t read so I certainly do want to read it, and besides, who doesn’t enjoy a good old treasure hunt???


The Treasure Map from Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island (1883)

Source:  [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Any Trixie Belden fans here? Have you read this one?

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