Calling us men doesn’t make us men. No creature on earth has a right to think himself a human being if he doesn’t know at least one good book.

–Christopher Morley, Parnassus on Wheels (1917) 



4 thoughts on “Bookquotes: Quotes from Books (19)

  1. Much as I agree with this, I often wonder what constitutes ‘a good book’ — the ‘Good Book’? ‘The Art of the Deal’ (as ghost written for a certain shady character)? A Dan Brown novel? 🙂


    1. That IS a question indeed– and one with a rather subjective answer, people do like their vampire books too. Poor Dan Brown–I actually quite enjoyed his books (among the very few of my book friends that did), I know the writing isn’t that great and the plots more or less the same, but the historical/science detail was something I liked, though in the later books he tended to overdo that as well.

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      1. I only read his Da Vinci book and enjoyed it as a thriller, though of course everything else left a lot to be desired! As you say, it’s all subjective, but always a good question to ask. 😊

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      2. One can’t even have a ‘technical’ definition/characterisation because sometimes even books with all the right elements don’t ‘click’ and some that lack them do.

        Re Dan Brown, I enjoyed his Angels and Demons and Da Vinci slightly less than that. Of course, when one continues to read, the plots are more or less the same. Inferno, which I did read because I wanted to see the film version, I thought ended better than the film did though for the rest, there was a bit of information overload.


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