Early this year (which I’ve mentioned before here) I discovered ‘booktube’ or book channels on youtube and have been following quite a few fairly regularly. But i’ll write more about that separately. One of the videos I happened to watch on emmmabooks was all about why she prefers to read only young adult books (the video is here). Anyway watching that video got me thinking about the genres that I read, and ones that I don’t.

I personally like to read a range of genres–detective fiction and mysteries, historical fiction and non-fiction, classics, children’s books, popular science non-fiction books, humour (like Wodehouse, Henry Cecil, Richmal Cromtpon’s William books), and ‘feel good’ books (things like Miss Read, Barbara Pym, LM Montgomery books), and to an extent fantasy as well (though I guess most in this category that I like end up reading fall in the children’s or young adult category). I also read books that are classed as young adult, and I guess I have discovered a lot more titles and authors (in this genre, at least) than I would otherwise have by watching booktube.

Some children’s and young adult titles I ‘discovered’ through youtube.

Another genre or category of books that I found myself reading a little more of this year was the graphic novel. I haven’t really explored this genre at all with the exception of Tintin and Asterix which I read as a child and still enjoy; I especially love the former. But this year, I read some never books including one manga title and one graphic novel which I ended up enjoyed quite a bit, and which have made me keen to explore more of this genre.

My forays into graphic novels this year (my reviews are here and here).

While graphic novels are a genre I had simply not looked into, or considered reading, one that I was wary of but which (not all of it though) surprised me was what is categorised as chicklit. Just for the sake  of giving it a try, I picked up a Sophie Kinsella title a couple of years ago and ended up reading a bunch of them. Light-hearted and fun reads, some of these were rather enjoyable. I also read the Zoya Factor earlier this year which I also liked quite a bit, and now, I wouldn’t mind looking into the genre once in a way if the description of a particular title interests me.

Of course this is entirely a matter of personal choice, but I find somehow reading a range of genres, a range of stories, viewpoints, makes my reading experience all the more richer. But while I like to read different genres, and explore new ones as well, there are some I stay away from. ‘Vampire’ books for one–I did read Twilight, but didn’t end up liking it–and I haven’t even considered trying any of the vampire/supernatural retellings of the classics like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Pride and Prejudice and Vampires (I didn’t realise there were two until writing this post) (But you can still convince me about the genre, just not these and like retellings). Mills and Boon romances are another category that I stay far far away from.



But there are categories that I haven’t read or read so much of thus far but I would like to. For instance, retellings. I’m not too sure all of these would work but some such as the Wrath and the Dawn, and Spinning Silver, among others (such as Dorothy Must Die) are ones I would love to try at some point.

Some Retellings I would like to try.

So what about you? Do you find yourself sticking to certain genres more than others or do you prefer to read a range of different things? What are some favourites? Any recommendations (please do mention book or author names, or both)? Any genres that you definitely never want to read? And are there any that you weren’t too sure of but which have surprised you when you tried them (or not)? Looking forward to hearing all about them!



4 thoughts on “What Genres Do You Read?

  1. I seem to favour YA fantasy, if I consider my favourite authors — E Nesbit, Joan Aiken, Diana Wynne Jones and Ursula Le Guin — and that’s well and fine because the best of this genre generally concerns the great human virtues (love, loyalty, courage, empathy, compassion) when all is said and done.

    But I have been trying to read beyond these. I’ve belatedly developed a liking for 19th century classics (Austen, the Brontës, Conrad, Dickens and on through the alphabet). SF I dabble in occasionally though not as often as I’d like, ditto thrillers and crime, graphic novels and biography. I have though been consciously trying to increase my consumption of 20th century women writers — Tove Jansson, Patricia Highsmith and Jean Rhys for example — and have recently bought a Rumer Godden novel on the basis of visiting a house in Rye where she lived (and also Henry James and the author of the Mapp and Lucia books).

    The only genre I’ve neglected is historical fiction, and that because I read so much of varying quality in earlier days that the history buff in me baulked at the surfeit.

    Hope I answered your question! I must add that I’ve enjoyed reading the range of titles and genres you’ve reviewed that I’ve read so far — so glad to have come across your blog!

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    1. I did notice that 🙂 And have ended up adding quite a few Joan Aiken titles to my shopping list after reading your posts. Haven’t tried Wynee Jones yet- must look her up, and I need to read more Le Guin. With Nesbit, I’ve had a mixed experience- I enjoyed the Psammead books, and the Treasure Seekers books very much- also Railway Children and House of Arden but not Enchanted Castle so much.

      Good to hear that you’re enjoying exploring different genres (as am I–though I notice that I have to consciously make an effort to try new ones, else I simply end up reading the same old thing). I enjoy the classics too which wasn’t the case when I first started reading them–I used to find they moved slower than popular fiction but now I find I don’t notice which I’m reading.


  2. In the past I stuck primarily to mystery/thrillers but over the last year I’ve gone back to my roots and started reading more historical fiction (no romance,) non-fiction and general fiction. I’ve also found that I like horror again which I haven’t done since high school. Pretty much anything except Romance and generic fantasy for me.

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    1. I’m not too fond of romance either- at least not the M&B variety at any rate, though I have enjoyed a few titles that might just fall into that category (the Sophie Kinsella kind of thing- also a couple of YA titles sounded interesting but I haven’t read them yet- Love and Gelato is one).

      I love mysteries and thrillers too. What horror titles have you been reading? That’s one genre I haven’t read very much of- some gothic things like Udolpho and Otranto and Sweeny Todd, but nothing else really.


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