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Another Wednesday, and time again for Shelf Control. This is a feature I’ve borrowed  from Lisa at Bookshelf Fantasies,and celebrates the books waiting to be read on your TBR.  All one has to do is to pick a book from one’s TBR, and write a post about it (usually what it’s all about, what makes you want to read it, where you got it, and such, but I guess it’s up to you really).

This week’s pick:

gangsta granny.jpg

Gangsta Granny by David Walliams.

What this is all about: This is of course a children’s book, and its all about this little boy called Ben who is sent to spend the night at his grandma’s house. She is your typical grandma with white hair, false teeth, tissues tucked up her sleeve, and Ben hates to go to her house because “Her TV doesn’t work, all she wants to do is play Scrabble and she stinks of cabbage”. But she isn’t all that ordinary really, because she also happens to be an international jewel thief, and from what I can see on the Ben probably joins her.

My edition and when I bought it?: This is actually one of the newest additions to my shelf and I got it only a couple of weeks ago. I have the 2011 paperback published by Harper Collins Children’s books, and illustrated by Tony Ross.

Why I want to read it: I came across David Walliams books either on goodreads or while book shopping online and they not only looked like fun, they dealt with some interesting themes, homelessness, a rich boy who has all the money in the world but no friends, cross-dressing, etc. So when I found some of the titles on sale recently, I decided up pick one up.

About the author: David Walliams is a writer and actor, also a judge on Britain’s Got Talent. He has written 11 children’s novels, and also a bunch of picture books. His first book The Boy in the Dress was illustrated by Quentin Blake; the rest by Tony Ross.

Have you read Walliams’ books? Which ones and How did you like them? Have you read Gangsta Grandma? Any other recommendations? Looking forward to hearing about them.






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