WordPress told me a couple of days ago that it was three years since I started this blog. It was of course, but only technically. I’ve been actively blogging only since October last year, and only really so since March-April this year when I started to post more regularly. It’s been great fun. And I’d like to take this ‘anniversary’ as an opportunity to thank everyone who’s been reading, commenting, liking, and generally stopping by this blog. I’m having a wonderful time writing, and especially interacting with you all, and am looking forward to much much more as we go on.

And while it hasn’t been all that long, I’d still like to throw the question out there to all of you. How is everyone liking this blog? (criticisms included) What you like, what you don’t? The kind of posts you’d like to see more of? And those less of? 

Looking forward to hearing from everyone and lots of fun bookchat in the future!


9 thoughts on “Opinions Opinions…

  1. I do enjoy your regular features, especially Shelf Control and Bookquotes, concise and thought-provoking nuggets. I tend to be longwinded, even verbose, on my posts and yet I appreciate reading posts which go straight to the point (especially as I have seem to be following an inordinate number of blogs, and always seems to be playing catch-up).

    I enjoy your reviews too, and primarily the eclectic range of books you choose to read, my kind of thing entirely! 🙂

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