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“Life…is just one thing after another.”


–Pamela Brown, The Swish of the Curtain (1941)


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3 thoughts on “Bookquotes: Quotes from Books (29)

  1. I’ve always seen this phrase quoted as “Life is one damn thing after another,” with variations such as ‘damned’ or even the more mealy-mouthed ‘darn’ (used to accompany a picture of someone patching a hole in a sock!).

    According to https://quoteinvestigator.com/2015/09/02/life-one/ antecedents of this phrase occurred throughout the 19th century but in this wording became a meme, as we would call it, only in 1909.

    Your quote is less emphatic and lacks impact but perhaps in context makes its point? Anyway, whenever I’m in defeatist or pessimistic mood this phrase always comes to mind!

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    1. The whole sentence was: “Life” she puffed sadly, “is just one thing after another”. Being a children’s book, I’m guessing ‘darn’ was out of bounds. I thought even if I didn’t use the “she puffed sadly”, some melancholy and the fact that life is constantly throwing something at one does come through.

      The context was just the children in the book dealing with various little problems (at the stage where they say it their problems are still not too bad)-they’ve just smashed a window and realise they’ll have to get it repaired, are late home for lunch (so will probably be getting a scolding) and a few other things.

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