I’m sure as readers nearly all or perhaps all of us are part of goodreads. For me, I started with Shelfari, which I still miss, but eventually I did create a goodreads account which was good since they did away with Shelfari. There are of course plenty of readathons and reading challenge that happen annually and periodically, and those may be I’ll write about at some point later, but today I just thought of the personal challenge that I set myself on goodreads and about your challenges as well.

Last year I’d set my goal at a hundred books which I finished only with a last minute (of course not a literal minute) but December reading sprint to catch up. So it was nearly 19 books last year, and 25 I think the year before–a lo of these were children’s books and a couple of times I ended up discovering fun series that I did know about earlier like the animal stories by Thornton Burgess or the Miss Pickerell books by Ellen Macgregor.

But yet once again, I upped my challenge to 108 books,because 9 books a month doesn’t sound so much. There are months this year that I have read 11 books but also months that I have read far less, so it doesn’t average out to 9 a month. Currently I am 12 books behind my challenge, so I’m guessing there will be another reading spree in December, unless I can pick up some pace now. Next year I hope to be a little more sensible and set my goal at a lot more achievable number. If I exceed it, it’s only good, but at least I won’t stress over not finishing (which I know is a silly thing to do, but I do it all the same).

Anyway, do you set a challenge for yourself on goodreads or otherwise? Do you try to challenge yourself or simply set achievable goals? Is it something that you do to push yourself to read more or simply a fun thing to participate in? What goals did you set yourself this year? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


8 thoughts on “Goodreads Reading Challenge

  1. Last year I set a ridiculously high goal and pushed myself to finish it. It wasn’t enjoyable and I don’t remember half of the books that I read. This year I began late, around March or April, so I lowered the goal considerably. I met it and exceeded it. Next year I will try for a happy balance. Good luck meeting yours this year!

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    1. Thanks 🙂 I hope to be more sensible next year- I had honestly planned to be this time as well but decided my TBR pile had to be tackled but I need to accept it’s going to grow anyway, no matter what I do, so I may as well be sensible about this.


    1. Thanks 🙂 No, my goal isn’t that great–I have goodreads friends who’ve crossed the 200 mark and more. And no, sixty isn’t bad- I too did just sixty a couple of years ago, when other commitments were many more. Next time, I am setting my goal around that point, or at the maximum 75 since I don’t want to overstress.

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  2. These days (as I tediously mention in the odd post or ten) I regard these kinds of things as goals rather than challenges so that falling short of a target is no big deal. So my goal this year was a manageable 40 as I’d read 40+ titles last year, but latterly I’ve upped this to 52 as I was averaging at least one a week.

    I’m pleased to say I’ve reached 49, with every chance of achieving my goal at year’s end! But it’s all good clean fun, isn’t it, not like taking a selfie on the rim of an active volcano or anything… 😁

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    1. One a week is a good target- and makes sense when there’s always so much else to do. The fact that I ended up with so many new books (including kindle free books and public domain downloads) on my to be read pile made me fix a rather unresaonable target. I will get there I know, but I don’t want the mad rush at the end, though it does turn out to be fun too. Like you said, good clean fun even if it drives one a little crazy 😀

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  3. This is my first year doing the Goodreads Challenge. My goal is 100 books. I’m not too worried about making it, partly since I read a lot of children’s books. (I only count the novels, never the picture books!) But every so often, when I go on Goodreads, it tells me I’m behind in my challenge! (Of course, I’m not. I just haven’t told Goodreads about all the books I’ve read.) So then I have enter them because I don’t want to be behind in any challenge!

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    1. I love reading children’s books as well but with me there are so many I want to read of children’s books and other categories, I keep switching from one to the other.
      My mom is doing the same this year, not entering what she has read regularly, and being told she is very far behind 🙂

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