Wednesday the 12th of December, and my twenty-fifth time writing a shelf control post. Shelf Control is a weekly feature hosted by Lisa at 
Bookshelf Fantasies, and is all about celebrating the books waiting on your TBR pile. (If you’re anything like me, there’s PLENTY to choose from there.) All you do to participate is pick one book from your TBR pile, and write a post about it. Link back to Lisa’s blog as well.

Mysteries, and especially historical mysteries are a favourite with me, and time and again I find myself not only buying and/or reading these books but also picking and writing about them for Shelf Control. This week, its the same again, and my pick is Speaking from Among the Bones by Alan Bradley.

What It’s All AboutSpeaking from Among the Bones is the fifth book in Bradley’s Flavia de Luce series. Flavia, when the series starts, is an eleven-year-old girl obsessed with chemistry, and lives in her crumbling family home with her father and sisters, her mother having gone missing. She falls into and solves several murder mysteries, often ahead of the local police as all good detectives do. Oh and she has her own chemistry lab! The series has nine books so far.

In this one, when the tomb of St Tancred is opened in their village of Bishop’s Lacey, the body of the church’s organist, his face covered by a gas mask is recovered. Flavia’s interest is piqued and she sets out to investigate. Who killed the organist in this way, and why hide his body in a crypt? Flavia’s adventures lead her to a story of ancient relics and lost manuscripts.

Where and When I Got It: As is usual for me lately, this one was ordered online, late last year. The edition I’ve got is a 2014 paperback published by Orion books. The cover is the same as the picture above.

Why I Want to Read this: Of course because this is a historical mystery, one of my favourite genres, but also because I love this particular series. I read the first book early last year and absolutely loved it. The mystery was fun enough. The setting, by the way, is 1950s England (in case you didn’t know). But mostly, it is because Flavia herself, our “heroine” is such a fun character. I enjoy her spunk, her “voice” (the stories are told in first person), all the chemistry, and her family (a little bit of an I Capture the Castle kind of scenario there). Somehow, I haven’t got my hands on book 2 yet but I have read 1,3, and 4, and and looking forward to reading this one. Alongside the mystery, we also follow Flavia’s own story–her father is in debt, her mother is missing, and she has an interesting relationship with her sisters. So I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress on that front as well.

Time for the usual questions now! Have you read this one or any of the other books in the Flavia series? Are you a fan like me or did you not take to them as much (I have heard both opinions)? If you do like the books, which are your favourites in the series so far? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

#FlaviaDeLuce #mystery #AlanBradley #historicalfiction


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