The first Wednesday of 2019 and time for another Shelf Control post.
Shelf Control is a weekly feature hosted by Lisa at Bookshelf Fantasies, and appears every Wednesday. It is all about celebrating the books waiting to be read on your TBR. All you do to participate is to pick one book from your TBR, write a post about it and link back to Lisa’s blog. By the way, if you do participate, I’d love to see your posts too, so do share your links.

This week’s pick, well another popular 2018 title, The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. And if I am reading the details on goodreads right, today, 2nd January 2019 is exactly a year since this one was published. So it’s its first birthday 🙂

What it’s all about: The Cruel Prince is the first book in The Folk of the Air series by Holly Black. The second book, The Wicked King, will be out this year. The story is about Jude, who was seven when her parents were killed and her and her two sisters taken away to fairie. It has been ten years since and Jude wants to belong to Faerie despite being human. But not all fey accept humans, even though they need them, and the youngest prince, Cardan, also the wickedest son of the High King, is her greatest opposition. Jude becomes further and further embroiled in palace intrigues and deceptions, and finds herself having to make a dangerous alliance to save not only her sisters, but also fairie.

When and where I got it: This was once again a kindle purchase, probably around October last year.

Why I want to read it: For once, on this book, I actually wanted to see what all the hype was all about. I’ve been hearing such a lot about the book, and about how it has elements of fairie and also a modern setting which one doesn’t see so often, so I wanted to see how the author approached that. Also the main character sounds like she’ll be full of spunk, another element I enjoy in books. And the pretty cover helps too!

A little about the author: Holly Black is an American author who has written/co-written numerous young adult, middle grade, and graphic novels, among others, and also some poetry. She’s been nominated for and won various literary awards for children’s and young adult fiction.

I have read one of her (and Tony DiTerlizzi’s) Spiderwick books which I know I liked but can’t remember very much of, and am looking forward to reading this one!

Have you read The Cruel Prince yet? (And/or The Wicked King?) What did you think of it (them)? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

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