Methuselah, Carbonero el Mayor, Spain, Zarateman [CC0], from Wikimedia Commons.

This month, I’ve been focusing on the oldest books on my TBR (January Reading Plans here), so just thought of a light post on the ten oldest books on my TBR. I have a physical–pen and paper–list of all the books that I’ve bought and downloaded (kindle or PDFs), and cross-off those that I’ve read. In my ten-oldest books list, I’m not including books 1 and 7, since they’re on my January TBR. The first book Poland by James Michener, I have started, though am not very far in (112 or so of 846 pages) but I think I will be able to finish it in time. The second, Swann’s Way (no 7- I actually started this last year but then got distracted by other commitments), I will also try and get to. The rest, well, let’s see.

A bunch of political theory/philosophy books all ended up on my TBR when I was reading parts of them at the University, and wanted to read the whole, but I still haven’t gotten down to it. The rest seem to simply have gotten pushed back for one reason or another.

So here’s my list.

Do have a TBR list where you keep track of what you have waiting to read? Is it on Goodreads or a spreadsheet or a physical one as I keep? Which are the ten oldest on you pile? I’d love to hear about them, so do let me know in the comments.


5 thoughts on “As Old as Methuselah: Not Quite but the Ten Oldest Books on my TBR!!!

  1. Yes.
    Cherringham by Neil Richards and Mathew Costello
    Six Proud Walkers by Anthea Fraser
    The Girl Without a Name by Sandra Block
    The Prettiest One by James Hankins
    Thirteen Ways of Looking by Calum McCann
    The Bronte Plot by Katherine Reay
    Dead in Her Tracks by Kendra Elliot
    Playing with Fire by Tess Gerritson
    Dead Secret by Ava McCarthy
    The Blue Hour by Douglas Kennedy

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    1. I started keeping track about ten years ago-when I started going a little too wild with bookshopping–I wouldn’t say, it’s made me read all the books I’ve had for years and should have read by now, but some of them yes. And at least I know that I have a fair few (well more than) waiting πŸ˜›

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