“‘Such nonsense!’ declared Dr Greysteel. ‘Whoever heard of cats doing anything useful!’

‘Except for staring at one in a supercilious manner,’ said Strange. ‘That has a sort of moral usefulness, I suppose, in making one feel uncomfortable and encouraging sober reflection upon one’s imperfections.'” 

Sussana Clarke, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

Image source: Pexels.


6 thoughts on “Bookquotes: Quotes from Books (41)

  1. I have no memory of this passage in JS&MN, and I thought I’d read it most attentively. I’ve given myself a mental rap over the knuckles and told myself to do better! Also, I’ve promised myself I will read it again in the not too distant future…

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    1. Its somewhere in the second half- I wouldn’t have really remembered but apparently, I had ‘liked’ it at some point so when I was looking up something or the other, I came across it again.

      I want to re-read this sometime soon as well.

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