The final Wednesday of March, and time again for Shelf Control. I’ve missed putting up posts under this feature through most of this month, and have been slack in my blogging generally, but am hoping to get back into it. [Reading has been going well this month, however.] Shelf Control is a feature hosted by Lisa at Bookshelf Fantasies, and celebrates the books waiting to be read on your TBR pile. To participate, pick any book from your TBR and write a post about it. Link back to Lisa’s page and also leave your links in the comments below as I’d love to read about your choices.

This month I’ve been reading (mostly) Young Adult fiction (see March Plans here), and like I did last month, I’m trying to focus my shelf control posts on that theme as well. Today, my pick is one of the newer additions to my shelves, On the Come Up by Angie Thomas.

Earlier this month, I read The Hate U Give by the same author, and found it to be worth all the hype that surrounds it, gritty, impactful, compelling (review on Goodreads here). Having read that, I almost immediately went ahead and ordered this one. (This has happened with me twice this month, I also ordered The Wicked King as soon as I finished (in fact, before I technically finished) The Cruel Prince).

What It’s All About: On the Come Up is, like The Hate U Give, about another teen Bri Jackson, who is sixteen and dreams of being one of a greatest rappers of all time. Her father was a rap legend who died before making it big. But her mother has lost her job, Bri is labelled as trouble in school, and they find themselves struggling to make ends meet with bills piling up, and homelessness staring them in the face.

The Author: Angie Thomas born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, where she still lives, is a former teen rapper. Her first book, The Hate U Give debuted at no. 1 on the New York Times Bestseller list and has received several awards. On the Come Up is her second book.

On the Come Up sounds like it will turn out every bit as compelling as THUG but the only thing that makes me a little bit sceptical is my unfamiliarity with the music that will obviously feature in it. But I am still looking forward to reading it very much.

Have you read this one and/or the Hate U Give? How did you find it/them? Looking forward your thoughts!

I’ve written on the Hate U Give previously in a Shelf Control post (here).


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