A lazy post today since I haven’t finished the book(s) I was planning to review this week. Us readers love our books for what’s inside of course, but we also love books for what they look like, don’t we? Covers–pretty or striking in some way or other–are what draw us to books so many times. Today’s post is just some of my favourite book covers in Black–not all of course, just ones I could think of at the moment. Most of these are recent reads (except Night Circus), but I know when I rearrange my shelves (long overdue) I will find others that I don’t remember. The books I ‘m sharing today are also ones that I really enjoyed the content of also, aside from the pretty covers.

The Sisters of the Winter Wood (review here) was one I read via NetGalley, and the gorgeous cover was what really drew me to it. It was because of the cover that I looked up the description and put in my request.

Ok I realise Circe is more gold than Black but it does have a fair amount of black and it is soooo pretty!–I couldn’t not have it here. The black with gold, and silver combination is also beautiful in Listen O’ King (review here). I wanted to read a version of the Vikram and Vetal stories, but part of the reason I picked this one over others available was that cover. How could I resist!

In Circe and the Night Circus, I love the embossing on the covers. The Book Hunters of Katpadi is perhaps not as pretty by comparison as some of the others I have here, but I loved the black and sea green combination (the end papers are sea green–also a little of the cover art which I think is not so clear in the image), and the little motifs like the little key on the cover (under the jacket), and the chest that it unlocks inside (review where also mention these here).

Finally, a series which I’ve been meaning to read but haven’t gotten down to yet, The Winternight Trilogy by Katherine Arden,all three books of which have these very pretty covers–all in black too!

Do you pick up books simply because of the covers? Have they turned out good reads or not so good ones much of the time? If the description isn’t so promising, would you give it a try anyway? Which are some of your favourite book covers? And if you’ve read or are planning to read any that I’ve mentioned here, I’d love to know how you liked them. Looking forward to your thoughts!


9 thoughts on “Beauties in Black: Some Favourite Book Covers

  1. If it’s a choice between different editions, attractive covers do play a major role. For classics, especially those with scholarly intros and endnotes, the text is what matters, of course, but where a handsome design is offered instead of a so-so cover (adult editions of so-called children’s books are often more stylish, for example) I go for aesthetics every time.

    It also pains me when a book series is marred by a change of format in either size or design, so that there is a lack of uniformity in the collected set. Some publishers are prone to these wayward decisions, seemingly out of contrariness.

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    1. It is so disappointing when they change designs or even size mid-series. With my CJ Sansom Mathew Shardlake books I have ended up with ones with similar cover designs but different sizes which makes my set look odd but when ordering these (online, second-hand) I didn’t think to check for the size of the book.

      The content is of course the most important, and as you say, when it’s a question of a choice between editions, the more aesthetically pleasing one wins.

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  2. I did love the embossed cover of “Night Circus”. In fact, I found myself turning back to the cover and running my fingers across it several times, while reading. Yet another favourite cover was “Thomasina” with the green eyed cat on a dark background. I don’t remember whether it was black, but the eyes were embossed, and quite fascinating. There appears to be a return to fine covers, and inner pages too. Perhaps to attract readers, who have been moving over to e books.

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    1. There’s one point of view that says that e-book are good because those who don’t really care about the appearance will stick to those (instead of cheap paperbacks) and booksellers can focus on better quality books for those who appreciate them.


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