We love books, and so many of us also love cats! And perhaps also combinations of the two–cats in books, or books with cats in the title–like these.

And then there can be puns–book titles to be specific and that’s what this post is about–a light one (once again since I haven’t finished the books I was planning to review this week). Some years ago a friend and I started making up some cat pun book titles–I know there are plenty around and lots of people do them, but I remember we went on back and forth for weeks (most likely on Shelfari), and had pages and pages of them–great fun to come up with, and hard once we ran out of obvious ones. I somehow thought of them again, and while I don’t remember all that we did (nor can I seem to find any of our lists), here are a few that came to mind–mew mew! (These are no particular order, by the way.)

  • Purride and Purrejudice
  • Romeow and Julicat
  • Harry Pawter and the Purrisoner of Ascatban
  • The Great Catsby
  • The Meower of Catterbridge
  • What Catty Did
  • The Little Purrincess
  • The Purrfect Mewder
  • The Three Mewsketeers
  • Purrcy Jackson and the Sea of Mewnsters
  • Purricles
  • Purrsuasion
  • Mewder in Mewsipawtamia
  • Mewtilda
  • The Feline Comewdy
  • Purry Mewson mysteries
  • The Purrisoner of Zenda
  • The Taming of the Mew
  • The Mewnstone
  • Dracmewla

Hope you enjoyed these! And hope everyone is doing as well as can be in lockdown.

All cover images are from Goodreads as always, and the cat from pexels.


3 thoughts on “Books, Cats, Puns: Cat (Pun) Book Titles

    1. Glad you enjoyed them–there were pages and pages of them but I honestly can’t find my notebook from back then. These I have here I tried more from thinking up book titles which could work rather than from memory


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