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Last I had a short post on Cat Pun book titles (here), based partly on some of these that a friend and I used to make up for fun. We had lists that ran into pages and pages but I still haven’t found either the emails or the note pads I had them in. Anyway I was playing around with some more, and here they are!

Anna Catenina

All’s Quicat on the Western Furrunt

Purrince Catspian

Furrenheight 451 by Ray Catpurry

The Alcatmewist

The Cheshire Cat by John Tenniel, via Wikimedia Commons,


The Purrurs Catamazov

Vampurr Academew

Purrfume: The Story of a Mewderer

The Color Purrpaw

A Hundred Fables of La Fontaine, via Wikimedia Commons,Author Jean de La FontaineIllustrator Percy James Billinghurst, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons


The Mewler of Pawnama

The Purrince and the Pawpurr

The Encated Apurril

Jonathan Strange and Mewster Furrell


The Mewel Prince


Puss of D’Purrvilles

Hercule Purrot’s Chrismews by Acatta Pawstie

Hope you enjoyed these! Which was your favourite? I certainly had fun putting them together. I have a few more fun puns in mind (not all book related) which I’ll be sharing again soon. If you like making up bookish puns, do share some in the comments. Looking forward to reading them!

For a catalogue of books with cats in prominent roles, cat pun book title posts and other fun cat posts, visit my ‘cat and book’ page, Keli Cat’s Book Corner.


10 thoughts on “More Cat (Pun) Book Titles

      1. Ha ha ha; I think you must mean Our Mewtual Furrend!!! I did recall Kitties, but our orange pal Garfield has already starred in that one so it wouldn’t have been very original ๐Ÿ˜€


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