Wednesday, the 5th of May, and time again for Shelf Control! Shelf Control is a weekly feature hosted by Lisa at Bookshelf Fantasies, and celebrates the books waiting to be read on your TBR piles/mountains. To participate, all you do is pick a book from your TBR pile, and write a post about it–what its about, why you want to read it, when you got it, and such. If you participate, don’t forget to link back to Lisa’s page, and do also leave your links in the comments below as I’d love to check out your picks as well!

My pick today combines several things I enjoy, and is not unsurprisingly a mystery. From my seemingly endless pile of mysteries on Kindle, today’s pick is Catnip by Valerie Tate. First published in 2014, Catnip is the first in a series, the Dunbarton Mysteries, which has six books so far, each set around a member of the animal world–Catnip, Horse Sense, Frog’s Legs, and so on. And the title and cover of this one should reveal the other thing that attracted me to this title–the kitty of course (but really, I would read anything with animals but with caution as I don’t like it when they are harmed or hurt in any way, even in a story).

In this one, an elderly matriarch dies leaving everything she has to her cat. Set in Dunbarton, Ontario, this is a mystery with a cat right at the centre of it. The dysfunctional Dunbar family is expectedly rattled when the family fortune is left to the cat, and before long we see catnapping and even murder (not the cat, I’m fairly certain). While the cat is formidable and proves to be more than a match for the humans, he is unfortunately caught one day, stuffed into a sack and carried away. The estate’s lawyer, Christopher Mallory and the Dunbars themselves are under suspicion but when a murder occurs, Christopher finds himself confronting a ruthless killer who will stop at nothing to conceal their identity.

This one sounds really cute, and I am pretty sure from the whole idea of the series that nothing will happen to kitty. Mysteries are of course, a staple read for me and one with a cat, and one who can outsmart everyone is just the perfect kind–how could I resist? While I have read books set in Canada (L.M. Montgomery for starters), I don’t think I’ve read a mystery set in Canada so that should be fun too.

Have you read this one or any of the others in the series? Which one/s and how did you find it? Any other animal centric mysteries that you’d recommend? Looking forward to your thoughts and recommendations!

Lisa’s pick this week is a book that’s on my shopping list as well, The Familiars by Stacy Halls (here)

Book cover image and info from Goodreads (here)

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