Something a little different on Literary Potpourri today—astrology! But with a difference!

Astrology studies the connections between the stars and planets and us—how these celestial objects affect our personalities, or even circumstances we are experiencing. More commonly, many of us interact with astrology through daily horoscope columns in newspapers, magazines or online, or through writings on personality types and traits based on our sun-signs and moon-signs. All of us have read these sometime or other—perhaps seriously, simply out of curiosity, or just for a spot of fun!

But did you know that there is something called cat astrology? Yes, that’s right, it isn’t only us that the planets and stars govern but also our beloved pets. And when I was putting together my page on cats and books, Keli Cat’s Book Corner, my friend and astrology blogger, Deepa Kansra, pointed to me that I should have a section on ‘Cat Astrology’. I was surprised to find not one but many books dealing with Cat Astrology and Zodiac, and out of that came this set of posts, the Zodi-cat signs!

Deepa has very kindly put together this fun series of posts especially for Keli Cat’s Book Corner, which highlight the personality traits of our kitties, based on when they were born. Cat Astrology not only tells us what our kitties are like, but also sheds light on how we can better our relationship with our pets.

The first set which appears today covers the water signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Do have a look and leave a comment down below if your kitty fits into these (and if you enjoyed it)! And if we haven’t covered your kitty’s birthday yet, keep an eye on this page, for the rest are coming soon!

The posts will also appear parallelly on Deepa’s blog.

The Water Signs

The water zodi-cat signs are as deep as the oceans. They have many treasures and natural powers hidden deep inside. They never ignore their inner voice and intuition. With strong water energies, the water zodi-cat signs’ core power is the ability to seek depth and forge deep soul connections. 


22 June–22 July


The Cancer Zodi-Cat believes in the saying—Home is where the heart is. They are thinking about home even when they are away. They care dearly for their humans and will pour out their emotions without hesitation. It is best to let them nurture you.

LIFESTYLE NEEDS: a comfortable home and surroundings.

FAVORITE LINE: Home is where the heart is.


24 October–22 November


There is a craving for mystery and intrigue in Scorpio Zodi-Cats. It is unlikely they would play around just for fun. They are always looking for clues, inside stories and dark matter around them. Don’t try keeping them away from newly discovered holes.

LIFESTYLE NEEDS: freedom to investigate.

FAVORITE LINE: I am going to get to the bottom of this.


20 February–20 March


The Pisces Zodi-Cat is a dreamer. They believe in soul connections and know very well which one is the right one. They can see your aura and know your feelings and apprehensions. You can trust their intuition.

LIFESTYLE NEEDS: time for Reflection.

FAVORITE LINE: I am all about soul connections.

I hope you enjoyed these personality profiles! Does your kitty fit within any of these? Do leave a comment down below.

Watch out for the next part of our series on the Earth Signs!

The sun-sign profiles and posters above have been prepared by Deepa Kansra. On her blog Astrology and the Occult with DK, Deepa explores various topics on astrology including astrology and spirituality, our connections with the planets, astrology and healing, the influence of various individual planets, the different houses in astrology and much more. Do check it out!

See also other parts of the Zodicatspost on Earth Signs, Fire Signs, and Air Signs.


10 thoughts on “Zodi-cats: The Water Signs

  1. We’ve had several cats over the decades, most being strays, or rescue animals, or cats bequeathed by friends or acquaintances, so have never ever known what sign they might have been born under. So all I can do is adapt a Terry Pratchett quote here: “I don’t actually believe in magic any more than I believe in astrology, because I’m a [Virgoan] and we don’t go in for all that weirdo occult stuff…” 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😀 Most of ours are as well; I knew Keli’s birthday because she was quite literally born in front of me; her grandma was a stray who adopted us, and then the mom stayed on as as outside pet but Keli and a sibling (a tom, Yellow) we’d taken in when they were small so they stayed as ‘proper’ pets but were free to go in and out as they pleased.

      Liked by 1 person

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