Here’s the final part of the special four-part series, Zodi-cats, written by astrology blogger Deepa Kansra especially for my ‘cats and books’ page, Keli Cat’s Book Corner. In this series she has explored the purrsonalities of our kitties based on their Zodiac signs. Kitties under the water signs have depth and soul connections; those under the earth signs value what they have, and the bounties of mother nature; the air signs are receptive and understanding of others.

The fire signs, explored below, are enthusiastic and passionate. Today’s post looks at the personalities of Aries, Sagittarius and Leo Zodi-cats!

Does your cat fit any of the personalities described down below? Do comment and let us know!

The Fire Signs

The Fire Zodi-cat Signs are filled with passion and enthusiasm for life. With a strong connection with the fire element, their core power relates to initiating and energizing relationships and moments of play.  


21March–20 April

PERSONALITY: The Energetic One

The Aries Zodi-cats love movement and play. It is rare to find them without enthusiasm and energy for play. It’s the one sign that is always on the go.

LIFESTYLE NEEDS: Open Spaces, Movement 



23 July–23 August


The Leo Zodi-cats are big at heart, with a personality to adore. The grandness in their aura is very hard to miss. A lot of pampering is always welcome by the Leo Zodi-cats.

LIFESTYLE NEEDS: Respect and pampering

FAVOURITE LINE: All eyes on me!


23November–21 December


The Sagittarius Zodi-cats are protective of their home turf. Life is a mission or a quest for them. It’s best to support their zealous attitude towards life, and also moods.


FAVOURITE LINE: I’m on a mission

We hope you have enjoyed this series. If you liked it, do leave a comment down below, and if you’ve missed any of the previous posts, they are linked above and also on Keli Cat’s Book Corner, under ‘Cat Astrology and Zodiac’.

About the guest blogger: Deepa Kansra blogs about different topics in astrology from our connection with the planets to their impact on events which we witness around the globe to their connection with spirituality, healing, and remedies on Astrology and the Occult with DK. All the kitty personality profiles have been prepared by her as have the posters for this series.

The post also appears on her blog (here).

Thanks so much, Deepa, for putting together this interesting and enjoyable series!


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