Do you love cats? And numpurrs? Then this is the post for you! Welcome to another Cat Pun Book Titles post-the catamewtics edition! Catamewtics is the study of numpurrs, shapes, and quankities. Catamewtics offurs plenty of branches to study. If you want to learn about opurrations with numpurrs, then arthimewtics might be a good pick for you. If it’s the different shapes your cat becomes—furrcles or purrabolas—geomewtrie it is.

But these are not all—there’s algepurra if you want to know about unknown numpurrs; purrmewtation and compawnation if you want to know about the different arrangements in which your cats might place themselves, purrobability to know how likely it is that your kitties will wake you at 4 am, or calicolus, if you want to decifur their movements.

Image from here

So, if any of these interest you, here are some books you might want to read:

Disquisitiones Arithmewtica by Carl Friedrich Puss

Disquisitiones Generales Furca Supurrficies Furvas by Carl Friedrich Puss

La Geomewtrie by Rene Decats

Mewclid’s Elements by Mewclid

Purrlosophie Mewturalis Principawa Catamewtica by Mewton

Institutiones Calicoli Diffurentialis by Mewler

Elements of Algepurra by Mewler

Purrlosophicum et Mathamewticum by Gottafurried Wilhelm Liebmewtz and Jean Bermewli

Hope you enjoyed these! If you did look out for further Cat Puns Book Titles Posts—one on Shakespurr is definitely coming up! Find previous Cat Pun Book Titles Posts, here and here.

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A fun post on Maths and Cats, with plenty of cute images, is here

I designed the cover poster using Canva.

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