Merry Christmas, every one! Hope you all have as good a celebration as possible, with all the restrictions back again. I didn’t think there’d be yet another variant rearing its head this time around as well, but I guess we must make the best of things.

This time around, for my Christmas post, I have for you some Christmassy reads, but with a difference–for these are all Christmas stories with cats (mostly kittens) in them. Hope you enjoy my picks!

The Night Before Cat-mas (1998) by Karen Anagost and Arlene Greco: T’was the Night before Cat-mas/ When all through the house/not a kitten was stirring/Nor chasing a mouse! A kitty version of T’was the Night Before Christmas, where a kitten stays up to meet St KittyClaws, whose sleigh is pulled by who else, but cat-deer! This is a little pocket book with colour illustrations and a cute little read. (If you’re a dog lover, the same illustrator but different author has a version for you too, The Night Before Dog-mas).

Mog’s Christmas (1976) by Judith Kerr: By the author of Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, is a series of books about Mog, the forgetful cat. Mog appears in 17 little adventures, usually in trouble for her forgetfulness. In the second book in the series, Mog’s Christmas, Mog finds some unusual things going on in her house which she can’t quite understand, including a tree coming in through the front door. These cause her to bolt for the roof, but then unexpectedly, she comes back down the chimney with a bump! Mog also appears in a second Christmas story, Mog’s Christmas Calamity (2015), in which Mog and her family are looking forward to Christmas, but calamity strikes all of a sudden. Does Mog manage to save Christmas?

The Cat Who Came for Christmas (1988) by Cleveland Amory: One snowy Christmas Eve, the curmudgeonly Cleveland Amory meets a starving and injured kitten, Polar Bear. In their first year together, Amory, a bachelor journalist and dog lover grows to love Polar Bear. This books tells their story!

The Christmas Day Kitten (1986) by James Herriot: James Herriot’s story tells of Mrs Pickering who had three dogs (basset hounds). A stray cat, Debbie visited their home from time to time for food. But one snowy evening, Debbie arrives at the Pickerings’ home with her kitten, and this time she needs help! A bittersweet tale from Herriot’s memoirs.

Kittyboy’s Christmas (1898) by Amy Ella Blanchard, and illustrated by Ida Waugh: The story of Kittyboy, a tiny black kitten who is lost, and his first Christmas.

The Snowball Series by Kristen McKanagh: Snowball, a tiny ball of fluff, finds a home in Miss Tilly’s Victorian B&B. Here the little kitten ends up playing matchmaker for some couple who she thinks belong together. The first in the series is Snowball’s Christmas (2020) and the second The Twelve Days of Snowball (2021).

So that was my little kit-mas list! Do you have any favourite Christmas reads with cats in them? Looking forward to your thoughts and recommendations!

A Merry Christmas once again!

For a catalogue of books with cats in them, and other little titbits on books and cats, do stop by my books and cats page, Keli Cat’s Book Corner.


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