Today I welcome the first ever bookish guest post on Literary Potpourri (we had a series of non-bookish ones, the Zodi-cat signs on kitty zodiac signs last year here, here, here, and here). And the post comes from my mother. Having read my Meowy Kitmas post on ‘Kitty’ Christmas reads a few days ago, she decided to pick up some of the books and Kittyboy’s Christmas by Amy Ella Blanchard, in public domain, was one she immediately read. The story of a lost little black kitten who follows a gentleman home one day, in search of shelter and warmth, my mother found that this was not quite a children’s story as it seemed from its description. Here is what she thought:

A heartwarming tale of a shivering black kitten, who sneaks into the warmth of a brightly lit house, when the door opens to let in the owner, and soon makes his place in the home and the hearts of the kindly gentleman and his staff. The well run but quiet house is now brightened by little paws pattering around and purrs of contentment, and quite soon a takeover of Doctor Brewster’s own warm bed. A change in spirit can bring about a change in interest. As the young housemaid Maggie says, ‘It’s far too quiet here to suit me, and the doctor actually ate his breakfast this morning without the paper at his elbow. I certainly am glad to see some sort of a young creature about the house.

Soon the doctor finds himself reading items in the newspaper, which never quite caught his attention before. Reports of children, who write to Santa Claus for Christmas presents catch his attention and he decides to do something about it. In the process, not only does Christmas magic touch the lives of needy children, but the doctor’s own life and those of his helpers is transformed, and Kittyboy finds his true home at last. More likely to appeal to adult readers, who can empathize with the characters, their lives and their feelings, than children.

The book dates back to 1898, and is beautifully illustrated by Ida Waugh.

Each chapter is headed by a dainty ornament. See below:  

Have you read this one before? Do you plan to? Looking forward to your thoughts!


4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Book Review: Kittyboy’s Christmas by Amy Ella Blanchard

    1. As am I. I usually check through reviews just to make sure (recently I found out that the Travellong Cat Chronicles is safe too). This one was absolutely ok. I haven’t read it yet, but have it from my mom that there’s not even the slightest discomfort once kittyboy follows the doctor home. Brief mentions of the mistreatment his saw earlier on the streets but nothing too bad.

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