My thanks to Kelpies for a review copy of this book via Edelweiss.

My First Highland Cow is a cute little shape picture book which introduces little children to the highland cow, though the sweet Bonnie.

With pretty illustrations and a single line of text per page, the reader is shown through the picture what things Bonnie likes (for instance, fresh green grass and a scratch) and doesn’t (pesky flies and cars). The pictures are lovely and besides Bonnie herself, capture other details of the landscape and also the seasons (for instance, her hairy coat is showcased in a winter specific picture). There are also two children who appear with her in most pictures, usually simply observing her, but also trying to help. The colours are vivid and will appeal to the intended audience.

A fun and enjoyable way to introduce children to Highland cows, with my only little criticism being that most of the facts presented (aside from her hairy coat) apply perhaps equally to all cows—here it is the picture that helps associate them with highland cows—so I’d may be have liked some facts special to Highland cows or things that make them different from other cows, to stand out, too.


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