What else is a more comforting combination than cats and books–reading books sitting with our cats, or reading books with cats in them, or best of all reading books with cats in them while one’s cats are sitting with one! To celebrate cats and books, here’s announcing Reading the Meow, a week dedicated to this purrfect combination . Everyone’s welcome to join in–just read any book or books (however few or many you’d like) with cats in them–preferably with a relevant part (rather than just present): it could be a classic like The Master and Margarita or ETA Hoffman’s Tomcat Murr, any of the many many Japanese books featuring cats, children’s novels, memoirs, poetry, mysteries–anything that appeals to you. (In case you need some ideas to plan your read, my cats and books page Keli Cat’s Book Corner has an extensive [though my no means exhaustive] cat-alogue). Reviews can be shared on your blog or goodreads (I’ll put up a dedicated page and starter post towards the start of the challenge). #ReadingtheMeow2023 will run from 12 to 18 June 2023!

Looking forward to celebrating cats and books with everyone next month!

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34 thoughts on “Announcing #ReadingtheMeow2023: A Week of Reading Books With Cats in them!

  1. I can’t believe I missed this vitally important post, Mallika. Of course I will be joining in and have just pulled ‘Writers and their Cats’ and ‘Cat Poems’ from my pile of books.

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