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Looking at Vanessa Polk one could readily imagine her being kind to people, whether on or off ocean liners, for her warmth and geniality were obvious at a glance. Where Lady Constance had winced at the sight of Lord Emsworth like a Greek Goddess finding a caterpillar in her salad, she smiled upon him as if their meeting was something to which she had been looking forward for years. … He felt, as so many people did when smiled upon by Vanessa Polk, that he had found a friend.

“How do you do?”, he said with a cordiality of which a short while before he would not have been capable. Then, remembering a good one, he added, “Welcome to Blandings Castle. Tomorrow,” he said, “I must show you my Pig”. It was not an invitation he often extended to female visitors, for experience had shown him that the Empress was wasted on shallow minds, but here, he saw, was one worthy of the privilege. “Are you fond of pigs?”

Miss Polk said that she had not met many socially, but had got along fine with those which had come her way, never an angry word, Was this, she asked, a special sort of pig, and Lord Emsworth answered eagerly in the affirmative.

“Empress of Blandings”, he said proudly, “has won the silver medal three years in succession in the Fat Pigs event at the Shropshire Agriculture Show.”

“You’re kidding!”

“I can show you her medals. It was an unparalleled feat.”

“To what does she owe her success?”

“Careful feeding.”

“I thought as much.”


— P.G. Wodehouse, A Pelican at Blandings (1969)