My name is Mallika, and I’m from India.

I love to read and have done so ever since I can remember. From Topsy and Tim, and Enid Blyton to Francis Hodgson Burnett, condensed Classics for children, to Agatha Christie, Jeffrey Archer, and John Grisham, Wodehouse and Lemony Snickett and Richmal Crompton to which were added Henry Cecil, Barbara Pym, Miss Read, Elizabeth Gaskell, Dickens, and Austen, and many many others  including ‘new’ discoveries once I joined Shelfari back in 2007, and books that I discovered through friends there. I enjoy a variety of genres, some of my favourites  include detective fiction, history and historical fiction, children’s books, popular science and maths, fantasy, classics, and humour.

Besides reading of course, I also like to write about what I read and for years did so in a physical journal – reviews, thoughts about books, even themes that books I was reading threw up. It was after I took a MOOC on Science Fiction and Fantasy Literature through Coursera and wrote some short essays on the books we read on that course that the idea of sharing my writings came to me and I started this blog about three years ago to do that. Initially I was quite lazy about it, writing things only when I had the time or something occurred to me, but since October last I have been making an attempt at being regular, exploring more of the ideas that come to mind, and indeed participating in the blogging world a little more.

So on this page you will find posts about books of course

      • Reviews appear on this page on and off (I post all of my book reviews on goodreads) but on this page you will find selected reviews (a Children’s book every month, Non Fiction read every month–as far as possible).
      • NetGalley reviews: realising that I haven’t been reading very many ‘new releases’ and there are genres I don’t really read much in (such as YA), I have since January 2018 joined NetGalley so this page will also feature reviews of books I read from there.
      • Posts about books: Of course all of my posts are about books but what I mean by this category is posts that have to do with books but are not necessarily reviews, perhaps something about the language, perhaps something the theme threw up, a comparison may be: things like that. These aren’t as regular as the others but will appear from time to time.
      • Posts about poetry: I am not a great reader of poetry, in fact, I find quite a bit of it hard to figure out but three-four years ago I decided to make an effort to really read more poetry, put down my thoughts on them (these are more the thoughts of a lay reader) and I’ve begun to do (as far as possible) posts on poetry each month.
      • Authors: Again, something I’ve only recently started, a post about a favourite author of mine and his or her works, what I like about their books, a little about them, etc. This is appearing so far once a month. Authors I’ve written about so far: Henry Cecil, Emily Eden, Dava Sobel
      • The Shakespeare Project: Me reading Shakespeare plays and blogging on them Act by Act. Read about the Shakespeare Project here.


  • My reading theme: Since February this year, I’ve been picking a reading theme each month, and try to read as many books as I can (from my TBR–because the goal ultimately is to tackle my at the moment 300+ strong TBR) that relate to that theme. So far I’ve had ‘historical fictionCatch-up, and Lawyers and Books and this month’s choice is Kings and Queens. I do wrap up of these every month.
  • Lists, Memes, Features: Again something I’m getting into only recently, since I’ve started exploring the blogging world more. I participated in my first meme a couple of weeks ago and had great fun doing it–and will be doing more if something grabs my interest. It’s here in case any one wants to see. I also discovered some interesting features on other blogs, one of which I’m planning to participate in starting 23rd May. I also put up quotes from books every monday in a feature called Bookquotes. I love book lists so they’ll be making an appearance here as well (including shopping lists, TBR lists, and other such).
  • Enid Blyton: I love children’s books and Enid Blyton has been an author I loved as a child and still love now. She’s written such a vast range of books from mysteries, adventures, and detective fiction to school stories, circus stories, farm stories, magic, fantasy, and nature books–and I love reading them. She or rather her books will be a regular feature on this blog. So far I’ve read and reviewed her entire Five Findouters series on this blog and am about to start the Malory Towers books, before moving on to other series and standalones. Reviews and experiences will appear here.

I’m still working on this blog so more types of posts and features will appear as I go along, and I keep this page updated on these.

Besides books, I love animals, nature, gardens, and food. I used to have a dog but now have seven cats, two of which are ‘inside’ cats with some living in and around our garden, and a couple simply ‘visiting’ (and a few visiting dogs 🙂 ).

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