I’m Mallika from India.

I love to read and have done so ever since I can remember. As a child, the bulk of my reading was Enid Blyton (she did write over 700 books), whom I still enjoy reading. I moved on to the Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew (also the Dana Girls), then Conan Doyle and Christie, Wodehouse, Henry Cecil and popular fiction including Jeffrey Archer, John Grisham and Robin Cook besides classics and mysteries. After discovering Shelfari and then Goodreads, I found so many new-to-me authors whom I really enjoy and have added to my favourites list since including Margaret Oliphant, Barbara Pym, Miss Read, and Nancy Mitford; through these forums I also found middlebrow fiction which has so many delights to offer.

I enjoy reading a range of genres including detective fiction (which I am often found reading), history (non-fiction) and historical fiction, children’s books, young adult fiction, popular science and maths, fantasy, classics, and humour–pretty much a potpourri.

I started this blog technically in 2015 but have been blogging regularly only from the later half of 2017. My posts on this blog include book reviews, posts about books (favourites lists, characters, genres, etc.), posts about authors, and the occasional post about poetry. I also review on NetGalley so those reviews appear here as well.

On the blog, I also have a page Keli Cat’s Book Corner on all things ‘books and cats’; here you’ll find a cat-alogue (thanks for that one Paula), of books featuring cats in prominent roles in various genres–from classics to mysteries, children’s fiction to poetry (with links to their Goodreads pages and reviews from me or fellow bloggers), cat pun book titles, and links to interesting ‘books and cats’ posts. This page is updated regularly, so if this is something you would enjoy, do pay it a visit.

I also have a separate page on one of my favourite authors, Enid Blyton (her books that I have read and reviewed so far on this page and posts on Blyton that I have written so far).

Besides books, I love animals, nature, gardens, and food. I have a dog, two cats (and also some visiting dogs).

[Because I have been a little lazy while blogging, my posts aren’t organised by category all that well, but I am actively working on organising my menus better. But you will find most posts if you browse through them].

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I am on goodreads here

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I’m also on instagram here (but you’ll only find pictures of my furry pals there; now also some books).

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