My name is Mallika, and I’m from India.

I love to read and have done so ever since I can remember. From Topsy and Tim, and Enid Blyton to Francis Hodgson Burnett, condensed Classics for children, to Agatha Christie, Jeffrey Archer, and John Grisham, Wodehouse and Lemony Snickett and Richmal Crompton to which were added Henry Cecil, Barbara Pym, Miss Read, Elizabeth Gaskell, Dickens, and Austen, and many many others  including ‘new’ discoveries once I joined Shelfari back in 2007, and books that I discovered through friends there. I enjoy a variety of genres; some of my favourites  include detective fiction, history and historical fiction, children’s books, popular science and maths, fantasy, classics, and humour.

Besides reading of course, I also like to write about what I read and that is what you will find on this blog. Posts about books, authors, the occasional poem or two (posts about poems, not poems that I write)–essentially anything to do with books and reading.

Besides books, I love animals, nature, gardens, and food. I have a dog, three cats (and also some visiting dogs).

Professional Reader
Reviews Published
10 Book Reviews

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I am on goodreads here

and twitter here

I’m also on instagram here (but you’ll only find pictures of my furry pals there; now also some books).

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