2021 is drawing to a close, and everyone’s coming up with their best of the year reads. This is something I struggle with, since while I know what books I liked or loved and which I didn’t, sometimes I don’t really know how to pick between my higher ranked reads, so I never end up actually doing this. Instead I thought to wrap up the year, I’ll do a quick little overview of my reading year, and also of how my year was on this blog.

Books and Reading Goals: In 2021, to my own surprise, I read 99 books (I might actually sneak in that 100th in the last few hours left since my current book is a very short one), which was a lot more than the previous couple of years. In fact, my last two years’ reading had made me set my Goodreads goal at a modest 60, which I crossed. But more than quantity, I was overall very pleased with the quality of my reads since I enjoyed most of the books I read and there were only a couple of disappointments (even the ok ones had something I liked). Of the 99,15 were non-fiction, and 84 fiction (as is my 100th book). I was also pleased to be able to ‘visit’ some interesting places including Peru and Nigeria, where I had never ‘been’ in my reading before. There were also plenty of new-to-me authors whom I will be reading more of including Rumer Godden, Sarah Winman, George Bellairs, and Ruta Sepetys (I know I’ve missed mentioning others).

Reading Challenges, Readalongs and Memes: This year, without any particular advance planning (and thus very haphazardly, and some last minute) I joined in quite a few reading challenges, readalongs and events, which I was really pleased to be able to do:

And of course, I’m participating in #Narniathon21 hosted by Chris at Calmgrove

Blog posts and stats: In 2021 I’ve put up 200 (201 including this one) posts on the blog (this includes reviews, quotes (which I used to share weekly until May), shelf control posts, author posts, and some miscellany). My posts were wordier than previous years’ averaging at 753; I was very pleased with views on the page which at over 17,000 were almost double last year’s. But my favourite part of blogging this year has been the comments and interactions with fellow bloggers–I loved both the conversations and the books I have discovered from their reviews and pages.

Poetry: Poetry (reading, not writing) is something I do struggle with a bit though I have tried to read and write posts on some on this blog, this year I didn’t really do this much and ended up writing only two poetry posts (here and here); in 2022, I hope to remedy this.

Keli Cat’s Book Corner: A bittersweet addition to this blog. In memory of my much-loved 5-year-old tabby Keli, whom I sadly lost in an accident in May this year, I started Keli Cat’s Book Corner, a page about all things cats and books; we have a catalogue of books with cats in them (cats with central or important roles) across genres (literary fiction to mystery, children’s reads, poetry and even horror) with goodreads pages and reviews linked, cat pun book titles, and links to interesting posts on books and cats from across the web. A friend of mine, who is an astrology blogger, contributed to this page by putting together some fun cat zodiac profiles, Zodi-cats (here, here, here and here). This is a page I’m constantly updating (a little behind at the moment, though) and I will be adding plenty more in 2022 as well.

Most-viewed posts: Here are the top ten posts (of ones written this year) which were most viewed on my page

So those were my random reflections on the reading and blogging year that was. I’m looking forward to lots more fun reading, blogging and interactions in 2022. A big thank you to all who’ve been reading and commenting! I’ll ‘see’ you in 2022 with another Book and Author Anniversaries post!


21 thoughts on “Reading and Blog Reflections 2021

  1. This is a great reflective post. You’ve certainly had a successful year in blogging. I want to read more poetry too so I bought a new poetry book this week


  2. Sounds like an excellent year of reading, so glad you discovered some new authors. I know what you mean about poetry, I do enjoy it, but don’t read it as much as I did when I was young. I have a couple of poetry collections tbr though, so shall try and get them out in 2022.


    1. Thanks Ali🙂 it seems as though fiction diverts all my attention. I was pleased to get in more nonfic than I usually do, and am hoping to do better with poetry next year. A happy new year to you, and wish you lots of wonderful reads!


  3. You are much better organised than I am in totting up your year’s reading, my scheduled end of year post is much looser and vaguer. Good luck with your last read on the last day of the year, and Happy New Year — at least, happier than we might expect after all that’s been happening!

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    1. Thank you so much Chris🙂 wishing you a happy 2022 as well; I think the first couple months are sadly going to be tough with omicron rearing its head almost all over. I’m glad we have books to give us some comfort and place to escape to


  4. Glad you had such a good year of reading and blogging. I hope 2022 is just as good – books can certainly help us through some of the tougher elements of real life. Happy New Year!


  5. Interesting post Mallika. For some years now I have been doing two round up posts at the end of the year, one on my reading highlights and one on my blogging highlights, while you have combined it all into one post. Well done. My blogging highlights will go up tonight I hope – it’s almost finished.

    Anyhow I enjoyed reading about your blogging year which has some overlap with mine in terms of memes and challenges. But you wrote many more posts than I do, which usually comes in around 150‘s. I have enjoyed sharing some comments with you this year and look forward to more in 2022.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 my ‘proper’ posts would have been closer to that number since I did have quotes and memes that I participate in every week.

      I’ve enjoyed our interactions too and like you look forward to more this year🙂

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  6. Happy New Year, and I’m sorry to hear you lost your lovely cat, I hadn’t picked up on that (I don’t read cat books as they’re so often sad so only look at your other reviews!). I hope you have a lovely reading year in 2022 (and got that 100th book finished before midnight on Friday!).


    1. Thanks Liz. It was a rather hard blow, one I feel I’m still struggling with even though I have two others who are a great comfort.

      I can understand your reservations; like you I keep away from most animal books for this reason but have been picking up some after others confirm they’re ‘safe’.

      Sadly book 100 spilled onto 1 january because I spent most of my evening catching up with year end posts and round ups 🙂

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